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Johnson William, the alias is JinZ (old: LetZdanZ, Player109435), the chief of a composer group named WillTril.
First time making music on Nov 27th 2017. A part-time producer, lyrics, vocals, illustrator.

Johnson William @player-109435


Highschool Student

Viet Nam

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I like reviewing other's audio, I listen to them in my free time, I give feedback on some of them. So here's a post of how I give feedback:

I give feedback to what I actually hear, not your intentions behind the audio. I don't care who you are, no matter how famous or poor your are, I don't care who I am, no matter having a (pretty) high standard or being sarcastic, I don't care whether I've reviewed your audio twice or more.

Whenever I discuss, criticize a part of a song, it doesn't mean the whole track is bad. I sometimes also give compliments. But don't expect me to go easy on you if you do something wrong like stealing, copying other audio.

Sometimes, I like being sarcastic and making jokes about the audio so don't take the feedback too literally.

I may or may not delete the feedback usually after 24 or 48 hours (my ass is lazy sometimes) I posted it. Well, it depends, if the feedback doesn't get noticed by the uploader, i mean, why don't people care about feedback? (Or they read it but just leave it there), AND I'd be honest, there are some idiots out there that just don't learn how to improve their music and I got tired.

Averagely, I'd give 3.5, or 4 if it was a better one, 4.5 or 5 if it is really good and I got pretty much no criticism on it, 2.5 or 3 if it needs a lot of improvement, 0 if it absolutely trash or simply copied from the other.

If you find my feedback was inappropriate then, first of all, I'm sorry, second of all, you should read the feedback again and check your audio to see if my feedback about your audio was correct or not. I might not want to hear any response like: "I've tried my best". I can't believe some kids, some people don't want real feedback, maybe they just want something like: "nice" or "very good song" or anything related.

If ya do be hatin me then ehhhhh~~~ Sorry mate, I believe in myself that I just have a new fan, real haters do be ignore me, once you've listened and maybe left a vote or a review on my music then BITCH! You are a fan of mine. You just can't get on my level. Sorry for anyone who feels... offensive lol lol.


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